When a New York policeman commandeered a chopper after receiving a “plane down” distress call, he expected to find a Cessna or a Piper in the river.Patient safety and a tale of two pilots

Sgt. Ian Trenkel, communications chief for the air support element of Marine Detachment 18, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, provides security after disembarking a KC-130H during “Operation Nightingale.” The …MEU detachment conducts air support training

The Government Accountability Office just announced that they’ve released their 2009 High-Risk List of programs in need of major, speedy improvement.The High-Risk List

The US government certainly has its hands full, especially now with the new administration transitioning in.A And the list of problems and hot spots continues to grow.A Watchdogs at the Government Accounting …Fighting toxic chemicals to fixing cyber infrastructure: The…

CHENNAI: Wednesday morning was a nightmare for traffic controllers at the Chennai airport when the radar screens suddenly went blank with eight flights readying for landing and six waiting for departure …Radars blanked out with 23 planes in air

Pvt. Ava M. Turner has graduated from basic combat training at Fort Jackson, Columbia, S.C. She is the daughter of Lynda Turner of Ingleside and is a 2008 graduate of Ingleside High School.Military notes: 01.24.09

The Indian Navy is poised to play a greater role with the fragile security environment in the neighbourhood requiring it to maintain a high state of preparedness to deal with any developing situation, a top …‘Indian Navy poised for greater role in maintaining peace’

History has repeatedly taught us that bad things can happen in complex systems… At dusk on February 1, 1991, an airliner operated by Skywest Airlines was cleared by an air traffic controller to taxi onto a …Patient safety: Learning from the aviation industry

With the first flight over Hudson Bay using new air-traffic-surveillance technology, an 850,000-square-kilometre gap in Canada’s radar coverage has been eliminated, NAV CANADA announced today.Breakthrough Technology Brings Air Traffic Surveillance to Hudson Bay

NEW DELHI: In view of the Republic Day Parade, airspace over Indira Gandhi International Airport here will be closed from 11-15 a.m. to 12-15 p.m. on Monday.Airspace over IGI Airport closed

There may be fewer jobs for MBAs and IITians in the market, but that has not stopped some from the government sector to lap up lucrative offers from overseas.Hope in the time of recession

GAO High Risk List is modified to remove Air Traffic Program. January 27, 2009 – After 14 years, FAA Air Traffic Control modernization has been dropped from Government Accountability Office High Risk List.Air Traffic Control Modernization No Longer on GAO High Risk List