Air Force Airman 1st Class Jared J. Duhon has graduated from the Air Traffic Control Operations Apprentice Course at Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Miss. The course is designed to train students to control enroute and terminal Air Traffic by use of …We Salute- Air Force Airman 1st Class Jared J. Duhon! – The Daily Advertiser

The only dynamically growing segment of the market is charter flights abroad, which are growing by 20-30% per year; however, this is more likely due to the rapid growth of the tourist market than to the merits of aviators. Overall, the drop in air …Air Transport 1991-2000 – Kommersant

CAMP TAJI, Iraq – Three Multi-National Division – Baghdad Air Traffic controllers have become officially rated for the first time in their careers by the Federal Aviation Administration at Camp Taji. Spc. Radha Bhramdat from New York City, Pfc. Jose …CAB Air Traffic controllers receive FAA rating –

Frances second city of Marseille was paralysed Wednesday by a freak snowstorm, stunning locals accustomed to balmy Mediterranean winters, and causing havoc for road and Air Traffic. Some 550 drivers were stranded for hours on highways outside the …Snow shock for French port of Marseille – Terra Daily

Campaigners who are fighting to stop the expansion of Heathrow Airport have dismissed the Government’s backing for a high speed rail link as ‘cynical opportunism.’ Lord Andrew Adonis, the recently appointed …Protesters call for trains, not planes

Meet other parents of February 2009 kids and share parenting stories as your children grow.slow an decrease

Plunging temperatures sent shivers across Europe on Tuesday, leading to the deaths of several people and a record number of calls to power companies in Britain because of heating problems.Snow, icy weather send deadly chills across Europe

With a record number of Air Traffic controllers retiring early or simply leaving the towers and radar facilities after the Federal Aviation Administration unilaterally imposed new work rules and pay cuts in …FAA Fails to Reach Performance Goals for 2008

Results tagged “best of 2008” While the steady hand of democracy steers most end-of-year best of lists towards not only the very good but also the very well known, we here at the Austinist feels it’s important …best of 2008

An air and ground search is underway southeast of Quebec City for a small plane reported missing early this morning.Plane missing southeast of Quebec City

Spain Business Iberia takes disciplinary action against 41 pilots By h.b. – Jan 6, 2009 – 7:26 AM Iberia passengers queue for information at Barajas Airport in Madrid – Photo EFE SEPLA pilots have been holding …Iberia takes disciplinary action against 41 pilots

Nearly 60 percent of the Air Traffic control towers and other key aviation facilities run by the Federal Aviation Administration are more than 30 years old and plagued by leaks, mold and foggy windows that can …Air Traffic Control Towers Go From Bad to Worse

I became a fan of Gladwell, as many people have, from reading his first book: The Tipping Point .What Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers can teach us about interface design

London’s Heathrow Airport is considering new flight paths, a move one official said would “disturb millions of people.” Officials said in a National Air Traffic Services report that Heathrow may alter its …New Heathrow Flights To ‘Disturb Millions’

CAMPAIGNERS who are fighting to stop the expansion of Heathrow Airport have dismissed the Government’s backing for a high speed rail link as ‘cynical opportunism.’ Lord Andrew Adonis, the recently appointed …Heathrow rail link ‘cynical’ say Hillingdon residents

The Quebec provincial police have identified the second victim of a plane crash near Quebec City this week as Jeffrey Hugues McClymont, a 26-year-old from Almonte, Ont.Police identify second plane crash victim (Montreal Gazette)

Some Park Ridge residents worry about an in-flight emergency causing a plane crash and “yellow goo” from the skies, while others may be relieved to have fewer planes over their heads.Air Fears Over Calls For Emergency, ‘Goo’ (Park Ridge Journal)

About 100 people discussed ideas to fight the new runway at O’Hare Airport including an organized act of civil disobedience.Group Shapes Battle Plan Against Runway (Park Ridge Journal)

Although it increasingly sounds like an anachronism, job security is growing in appeal.7 Jobs for Job Security in a Recession (US News & World Report)

Russian gas flows to Europe through Ukraine shut down completely on Wednesday, reducing power to industries and homes in southeast Europe and disrupting supplies to major economies.Intervention threatened if Russian gas not restored (Windsor Star)