Hundreds of thousands of homes will be exposed to more aircraft noise from planned new flight paths that will allow 60,000 more aircraft a year to use Heathrow’s existing runways.Heathrow will bring jetsa roar to millions

Today, Air Traffic controllers at OIA are adjusting to a change in their job descriptions…and many of them are not happy.Controversy at OIA over changes in Air Traffic control

NATCA is on the warpath… again. Their latest FAA attack asserts that, ‘Despite vocal opposition from a bipartisan Florida Congressional delegation to the Federal Aviation Administration’s ill-conceived plan …NATCA Charges ‘FAA Ignores Congress… Needlessly Threatens Orlando Air Safety

I REFER to your report “AirAsia sees LCCT at Labu as terminal extension” . As one who works closely with the aviation industry in the Asia-Pacific, I am prompted to say that a terminal extension should not …Low-Cost Carrier Terminal Plan: a Labu …

“Majority of the runway extension work is completed” PUDUCHERRY: Commercial flight service from Puducherry will commence within two months, Chief Minister V. Vaithilingam has said.Commercial flight service from Puducherry to begin soon: Vaithilingam

I do not have the vaguest clue what a Microsoft Zune is, but there are reports that they are all crapping out roughly at the same time for unknown reasons.Zunes Bite Dust Everywhere: No Explanation Yet [Greg Laden’s Blog]

We’d be remiss not to check in with Matt Solanza, journalist/blogger, radio host and promoter and supporter of Austin’s burgeoning hip hop scene.bestof2008

Craig L. Fuller has taken the controls as president of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association – only the fourth president in the Association’s nearly 70-year history.A New Year And A New Era For AOPA: Craig Fuller Assumes Leadership Of AOPA

Gerard Cosloy is one of our favorite Austin transplants, a busy man that finds time to act as Co-President at Matador Records , keep up with a sports blog at Can’t Stop the Bleeding , and perform with his most …Ask a Local: Gerard Cosloy of Matador Records, Air Traffic Controllers

Sen. Dianne Feinstein this week reiterated her safety concerns involving a San Diego Air Traffic control hub, but this time to what may be more receptive ears.Dianne Feinstein Sees San Diego and Los Angeles Air Safety Risks – Controller Shortage Cited