” Managing aircraft traffic in Canada’s skies is no laughing matter. However, the stressful situations air traffic controllers face sometimes has an element of humour, which isn’t realized until after the …Book recalls lighter moments in the stressful lives of air traffic controllers

On Tuesday Oct. 28, the College of Aviation Representatives from the Student Representative Board hosted their second annual, “SOARING: Tower to Sky.” More than 250 students attended to get some free food …COA forum

NORWICH International Airport is launching tours of its airfield, giving members of the public a unique opportunity to discover what happens behind the scenes.Norwich airport launched tours

Published November 4, 2008 at 9:05 p.m. May predicts there will be no more domestic airline mergers.Airline industry optimistic about ’09

Changes in US aviation policy as President George Bush transitions to President-elect Barack Obama will develop as part of a “long process” during which future priorities of the Dept.Us Dot, Faa in limbo awaiting Obama administration

One technology more than any other has stood out as a success story for the U.S. military in Iraq: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles , says C/Net’s Crave .UAVs On Parade

An RAF fighter plane was sent into the skies above Yorkshire to guide down a blinded pilot in danger of crashing into a nearby village.RAF to the rescue as pilot goes blind in mid-air

Plans are underway by FAA to “invert” its method of marketing the next generation air transportation to industry, moving to a palette of “capabilities” from a “special programs and systems” approach.FAA to invert NextGen marketing for industry buy-in

A STRICKEN aircraft pilot was talked to the ground in a daring rescue after he suddenly went blind.My heart was in my mouth, certainly but, at the end of the day, we successfully got him down.

A Kingfisher flight that was supposed to wait in the taxiway before taking off on Wednesday afternoon advanced to the runway where a Jet Airways plane was about to land.Planes on runway collision course

14: John Cotant, MD, cardiologist, St. Joseph Hospital, “You and Heart Disease.” n Nov.Senior Men