Eurocontrol Performance Review Commission:10 years of improvements …Air Traffic Control Network (press release), Netherlands – May 19, 2008Speaking at the ceremony, David McMillan, Director General of Eurocontrol, paid tribute to the foresight of the policymakers who in adopting the ECAC …Eurocontrol Performance Review Commission:10 years of improvements … – Air Traffic Control Network (press release)

US Generals (Retired) Garner & Hite Join EurocontrolMarket Wire (press release) – May 12, 2008"Eurocontrol is very pleased to have Jay and Ron committed to assisting us in our deployment of Petromark TM in global markets and opportunities with which …US Generals (Retired) Garner & Hite Join Eurocontrol – Market Wire (press release)

ILA 2008: Online interest on tap from DFS – Flight InternationalILA 2008: Online interest on tap from DFSFlight International – May 28, 2008For IFR flights pilots receive the necessary NOTAM information after confirmation of the flight plan has been given by Eurocontrol.

European ATM readies for VLJ onslaughtFlight International – May 13, 2008By David Learmount With the population of very light jets expanding rapidly in Europe, Eurocontrol is extending its efforts to prepare for their impact on …European ATM readies for VLJ onslaught – Flight International

Improving flight control and air traffic management can benefit the environment, though solutions to meet future demand must be found.Towards a greener flight path (OECD Observer)

Dreaming of a custom flight? Try booking your own plane (International Herald Tribune)Top sportsmen and women, celebrities and politicians are routinely using air brokers in preference to commercial airline services.

U.S. Generals (Retired) Garner & Hite Join Eurocontrol (CCNMatthews via Yahoo! Finance)TORONTO, ONTARIO– – Eurocontrol Technics Inc. , a public Canadian energy security company specializing in the acquisition, development and commercialization of innovative authentication and verification technologies, today announced the company has added Lieutenant Generals Jay M.