BBC UK News – The volume of Air Traffic at Heathrow is increasing Regardless of whether Runway Three is built, the government does have a plan B. It wants to remove some of the …Heathrow creaks under heavy traffic

US News and World Report – Behind the scenes, President Bush has been getting an earful about air-traffic delays. And it turns out that one crucial bit of intelligence came from a member of his official “family”?Karl Zinsmeister, Bush’s domestic policy adviser. In reporting …The Prez Got an Earful on Air Traffic

MSNBC – Somebody better check with Air Traffic control because it might have been the Wild, and not the Vancouver Canucks, who played in Edmonton Tuesday night and arrived in the Twin Cities just before 4 a.m. Skating like it did the late-night traveling …Fists don’t fly but goals do for Canucks’ Naslund

ONTARIO – Long lines and a little coastal fog haven’t diminished the Thanksgiving-holiday rush already under way at Ontario and Los Angeles airports. More than two million people are expected to pass through the airports during the 10-day holiday period that began Nov. 16 and runs through Sunday.More News (Daily Bulletin)

Skydiving has fallen on hard times as suburban sprawl crowds out “drop zones” and fuel prices increase the cost of a jump. To slow its descent, the business is hosting charity stunts, building “practice” centers and making a special push to recruit kids as young as 3.Skydiving’s Great Leap Forward (WallStreet Journal via Yahoo! Finance)

PARIS — On the eighth day, the sky took pity on the Parisiens. The city was still limping, pedaling and cursing along last Wednesday, but the rain stopped and the clouds cleared as a warm autumn sun made the world look new.RAIN AND SUN IN THE STREETS OF PARIS (Richard Reeves via Yahoo! News)

The air incident involving a special aircraft carrying UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on September 10 was found to be “a breach of standard separation” between two aircraft and not a “near air collision.” This was the conclusion of an inquiry conducted by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the Lok Sabha was informed on Thursday. The DGCA had suspended an Air Traffic Control official for …No ‘near miss’ involving Sonia’s plane: DGCA report (Indian Express via Yahoo! India News)

RESTRICTIONS on flight airspace in eastern China have been causing interruptions to airline schedules since Tuesday and may last until the weekend.Air space curbs cramp travelers

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Strategic Command Center here got started early on Wednesday, with the first conference call with the airlines at 5:15 a.m. instead of the usual 7:15, a head start usually …F.A.A. Oversees Aerial Ballet and Foot Shuffling

Future US air-traffic system promises fewer flight delaysArizona Republic, AZ – Nov 20, 2007Sweeping changes are planned in the way that Air Traffic is managed in the United States. To make more efficient use of the airspace and cut down on rising …Future US air-traffic system promises fewer flight delays – Arizona Republic

Air France KLM Sees No Signs Of Eventual Traffic, France – 19 hours agoPARIS -(Dow Jones)- The chief executive of Air France KLM (AKH) said Thursday he sees no signs of an eventual downturn in Air Traffic in the foreseeable …Air France KLM Sees No Signs Of Eventual Traffic Downturn –

Air-traffic controller RLP to cut fees from 2008Prague Daily Monitor, Czech Republic – 21 hours agoBy ?TK / Published 22 November 2007 Prague, Nov 21 (CTK) – Transit Air Traffic over the territory of the Czech Republic increased by 4.5 percent …Air-traffic controller RLP to cut fees from 2008 – Prague Daily Monitor