San Diego Union-Tribune – An investigation was continuing, but the incident appeared to have begun when the arriving pilot prematurely switched radio frequencies from Air Traffic Control to ground traffic control before receiving final instructions from the air traffic …Two passenger jets come close to colliding on L.A. airport runway

Salon – Up to now these stories have mostly been missing the point, failing to show that the real culprit here isn’t summer thunderstorms or faulty Air Traffic Control equipment; it’s the airline industry’s obsession with pumping more and more airplanes …Ask the Pilot

Planes barely avoid colliding at LAXChicago Tribune, United States – 17 hours ago… when the pilot radioed ground control to say he was proceeding to his gate, the ground controller cleared him without checking with air traffic control, …WestJet plane in near miss on Los Angeles runway Globe and MailWestJet plane in reported near-miss at Los Angeles Airport Times ColonistClose call on a runway at LAX Long Beach Press-Telegramall 68 news articlesPlanes barely avoid colliding at LAX – Chicago Tribune

Two passenger jets nearly collide as one taxis across path of another taking off. LOS ANGELES – An airliner that had just landed at Los Angeles International Airport nearly taxied across a parallel runway on which another jetliner was taking off this week, officials said.Close call on a runway at LAX (Long Beach Press-Telegram)

What, if anything, are airlines doing this summer to ease the pain of flying? When you tally up their efforts, the sum seems to be not enough, given almost daily horror stories. I queried several carriers by e-mail and phone as to what they were doing to help their passengers. Here’s what some of them had to say:Airline efforts to minimize headaches fall short (Newsday)

IAP Worldwide Services Inc. has announced the U.S. Navy has awarded it a contract worth up to $388 million over five years to provide air traffic management and Air Traffic Control and landing systems maintenance services at air bases and stations in southwest Asia.IAP Worldwide Services awarded $388M contract (BizJournals)

A storm hovered over the state of Pennsylvania; always an ominous bit of news when sitting at an airport gate, waiting for zones to be called.Braving the Storms

In October, 2006 Jerry McArthur was nearing the end of his two-year term as NATCA Facility Representative at the Anchorage Air Route Traffic Control Center, and he was ready for a break.Jerry-Rigged

Heathrow’s revenue has soared in the airport’s first year under foreign ownership but investment has dropped, despite airline and passenger concern over the poor state of its terminals.The new Air Traffic Control Tower at Heathrow Airport, London

Karipur, Kerala, Aug 3 : An Air India flight from Damam in Saudi Arabia, with 215 passengers on board, made an emergency landing at the International airport here after one of its engines developed a technical …Air India flight makes emergency landing

Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln conducts a fueling at sea with Military Sealift Command fleet replenishment oiler USNS Henry J. Kaiser .USS Abraham Lincoln begins TSTA regimen