Xinhua News Agency – A spokesman for Air Traffic Services in Tahiti said the plane went down in good weather and the cause of the crash is not known. The domestic Air Moorea Twin Otter, a twin-engine turboprop with 20 people onboard (including the pilot), was …16 bodies recovered after air crash in French Polynesia – Sandra Rimud from Air Traffic Services in Tahiti said 20 passengers were on board including the pilot. “We don’t know (why it crashed). We had good weather. The pilot maybe didn’t see so good,” she said. Ms Rimud confirmed two members of the European …20 dead in Pacific air crash

San Diego Union-Tribune – Late Thursday, Rustavi-2 broadcast audio of what it said was a conversation between a Georgian and a Russian civilian Air Traffic controller at around the time the aircraft was spotted in Georgian airspace. The Georgian controller can be heard …Russian general accuses Georgia of concocting Russian air intrusion

St. Petersburg Times – In keeping with that idea, the restaurant will include international foods, reasonably priced, and the ability to listen in to the Air Traffic control tower communicating with the pilots. The space will still need to be outfitted with a kitchen and …Albert Whitted to draw more guests

The Swedish Civil Aviation Authority announced Friday that all flights to and from Iraq have been canceled indefinitely. The decision was made after gunfire was aimed at a Nordic Airways plane as it took off from an airfield in northeastern Iraq Wednesday…Sweden cancels all Air Traffic with Iraq (

Charles Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton, had a peculiar mania for measuring things – the curves of a “Venus among Hottentots” he encountered in Africa, for instance, and people’s craniums, reaction times and sensory acuity – all in the name of good breeding, or, as he called it, “eugenics”.No brainer (Guardian Unlimited)

Twelve hours. Four hundred flights. Zero communication. Lady Luck, rather than an on-ground tech tool, helped avert a mid-air collision over Calcutta as key communication gadgets at the airport went on the blink from Wednesday night to Thursday morning.Airport link failure put craft at risk (The Telegraph)

Bad Summer for Air TravelW*USA 9, DC – 3 hours ago"We have an antiquated Air Traffic control system and it has a very difficult time in these severe weather conditions, so as we continue through the summer …Bad Summer for Air Travel – W*USA 9

What, if anything, are airlines doing this summer to ease the pain of flying? When you tally up their efforts, the sum seems to be not enough, given almost daily horror stories.Airline updates

Two Australians died when a passenger plane plunged into the sea near the Pacific island of Tahiti today, killing all 20 on board.Australians die in crash

South East Asia News.Net Friday 10th August, 2007 Wellington, Aug 10 The bodies of 16 passengers have been recovered after a plane crash in French Polynesia, the French High Commission and emergency services in …At least 16 killed in French Polynesia plane crash

A storm hovered over the state of Pennsylvania; always an ominous bit of news when sitting at an airport gate, waiting for zones to be called.Braving the Storms