Authorities beefed up security at airports across Brazil on Thursday to protect airline workers from fist-waving passengers angered by flight delays, the latest problem to hit the country’s aviation system.Testy Passengers Storm Brazil Airports (CBS News)

Holding a one-run lead over League IV front-runner Dalzell-Shaw Post 175 in the top of the ninth Thursday at Mirmow Field, thoughts about missed opportunities had to cross coach Frank Leysath?s mind.Air Traffic Control (The Times and Democrat)

Everyone has a story to tell about the torture of flying in the United States these days. Years of cost-cutting by all the major carriers coupled with an antique Air Traffic Control system and record numbers of fliers are yielding the inevitable results: misery in the skies for passengers and for airline employees alike.Sewage in the aisle tops US tales of air misery (Independent)

The first three finalists for the vacant Lowndes County E-911 director job told the E-911 Board of Directors their backgrounds in high-pressure rescue and military fields have prepared them to lead the county’s emergency response headquarters.Board reviewing finalists for top job (The Commercial Dispatch)

A chronology of key eventsTimeline: Tanzania (BBC News)

Washington Post – A lingering dispute over a contract imposed on air traffic controllers last year is delaying the introduction of legislation needed to modernize the nation’s Air Traffic Control system, according to congressional staff members and administration …Labor Dispute Delays Air Traffic Modernization Bill

MSNBC – European and American officials agreed this week, however, to work together to improve Air Traffic Control to avoid the waste that comes from circling or sharp or circuitous descents. Today’s Air Traffic Control structure dates from 40 years ago …Air industry highlights green side

Airlines Search For Ways to Cut Emissions EU, U.S. To Cut Airline Emissions By Improving Air Traffic Control EU Transport Ministers Approve Proposal On Airline Emissions Quotas EU Rethinks Airline Emissions …EU Wants Airline Manufacturers To Cut CO2 Emissions 40%

Several members of the Deaf Pilots Association visited Mexico Memorial Airport-Hagan Brothers Field Wednesday, specifically to tour plant operations at Zenith Aircraft Company.Members of Deaf Pilots Association tour Zenith Aircraft facility

AdaCore, provider of the highest quality Ada tools and support services, today announced that Praxis has selected AdaCore’s GNAT Pro for the implementation of the UK’s next-generation Interim Future Area …AdaCore’s GNAT Pro Chosen for UK’s Next Generation Air Traffic Control System

Morrisville State College and Meru Networks today announced that the College has selected Meru Networks’ recently announced 802.11n wireless system for campus-wide deployment.Meru Networks: Morrisville State College and Meru Networks to…

NewsMarket Launches Green Channel Democrats & Republicans Plan Green Conventions News Roundup: Owens Corning, Apple, EPA Interface & Meridian IQ Win EPA Award for Transportation Shared-Car Services Attract …Green Transportation News Roundup

AdaCore’s GNAT Pro chosen for UK’s next-generation air traffic …Military & Aerospace Electronics, NH – 23 hours ago… and support services, for the UK’s next-generation Interim Future Area Control Tools Support (iFACTS) Air Traffic Control system for its client NATS. …AdaCore’s GNAT Pro Chosen for UK’s Next Generation Air Traffic … Military Embedded Systems (press release)GNAT Pro Chosen for UK’s Next-Generation Air-Traffic-Control System Dr. Dobb’s Journalall 7 news articlesAdaCore’s GNAT Pro chosen for UK’s next-generation air traffic … – Military & Aerospace Electronics