Forbes – That?s because the nation?s Air Traffic Control system relies on an antiquated 1950s architecture, known as radar that was cutting edge in the days of Ozzie and Harriet. Radar, or radio waves, sweep the sky every 12 seconds transmitting images of …How To Fix Air Travel

Sacramento Business Journal – Real estate broker Charles White believes a federal plan to boost funding for the nation’s outdated air-traffic control system would unfairly burden private pilots and small-business owners. Aviation officials are proposing a roughly 50-cent per …Air fuel tax could ground private fliers

Serious problems continue at the Air Traffic Control TowerStabroek News, Guyana – May 29, 2007This situation is getting worse every day and the Manager ATC (Air Traffic Control) operations is doing nothing to alleviate this situation. …Serious problems continue at the Air Traffic Control Tower – Stabroek News

Turkey’s military exercise violated the rules and regulations of the Air Traffic Control.Cyprus protests to the UN about Turkish military exercise

A Jet Airways flight to Mumbai, with 160 passengers on board, had a close shave when the pilot took off ignoring a Met office warning and almost got trapped in a monstrous thundercloud.160 fliers miss electrocution by thundercloud

Posted May 31st 2007 11:37AM by Justin Glow Filed under: Airlines , Video There are roughly 15,000 air-traffic controllers orchestrating over 55,000 commercial flights per day in the U.S. alone.Interested in Air Traffic Control? Watch this.

Union representatives say air traffic controllers at Gulfport-Biloxi International are overworked, but federal officials say the airport’s flight numbers are down significantly while staffing remains at …Gulfport-Biloxi air controllers say they have work ‘overload’

This plane, headed to Norwood Memorial Airport, crashed in a wooded section of Canton, about a mile from the airport.Pilot, 57, dies in plane crash (The Daily News Transcript)

—-Silver State Helicopters: Who: Silver State Helicopters President and CEO Jerry Airola along with the crew from Orange County Choppers, including Paul Sr., Paulie, Mikey Teutul along with special guests.Press Conference Announcing Collaboration Between Silver State Helicopters and Orange County Choppers (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)

A Federal Aviation Administration vice president in its Air Traffic Control division has been named as the new administrator for the FAA’s Alaska region. Mike Cirillo replaces Pat Poe, who retired last summer. Robert Lewis has been acting in his stead since then.Breaking News FAA names new Alaska chief (Alaska Journal of Commerce)

The good news is that the would-be terrorists targeting JFK airport weren’t all that bright. The bad news is that they’re smart enough to get their mapping information from Google Earth. The Smoking Gun nabs the court documents filed against the would-be plotters, who used codenames like “the chicken farm” in lieu of JFK airport, and “the gentleman” instead of the name of a leader. …JFK Terrorists Used Google Earth To Plan Plot (WebProNews)

Delays. Long lines. Bad service. Groping security guards. Here are our prescriptions for change.How To Fix Air Travel (Forbes)