US FAA issues airworthiness directive including winter training and low airspeed alarm to address Cessna Caravan icing risksCompletion of an approved pilot winter operations training course and fitment of a low airspeed warning system to Cessna 206 Caravans are expected to be mandated soon by a US Federal Aviation Administration airworthiness directive applying to all commercial operations by the type, says the US Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association (RACCA).

RJ85 exit door raises evacuation concernsSwedish investigators have raised concerns over aircraft door design after discovering that a perfectly functional exit was rendered useless during an evacuation because a flight attendant did not have the strength to open it, writes David Kaminski-Morrow.The evacuation, from an SN Brussels Airlines BAE Systems Avro RJ85 at Gothenburg on 10 March, followed the collapse of the jet’s nose-gear – an isolated event traced to an incorrectly manufactured component that prevented the gear from locking.But although none of the 32 occupants was injured, the Swedish accident investigation board SHK has expressed concern over how easily the aircraft’s left rear door effectively became inoperable.The aircraft came to rest on its nose and the slight inclination of the fuselage was enough to prevent the female flight attendants being able to open the door fully and lock it in position – despite the aid of an 8kt (15km/h) wind blowing from directly in front of the aircraft.

Swedish coastguard grounds remaining EADS Casa C-212 fleet after last week’s fatal crashThe Swedish coastguard has grounded its two remaining EADS Casa C-212s following the loss of the third on 26 October during a demonstration in front of visitors to the coastguard centre at Skan??r-Falsterbo, Sweden. The coastguard could not confirm witness reports that a wing had come off the aircraft just before it crashed into the sea with the loss of all four personnel on board. The wreckage is being recovered along with the flight data and cockpit voice recorders.The Associated Press reports the aircraft went into a canal near Falsterbo, on the tip of Sweden’s southwestern coast. The C-212 sank before rescue boats could get to it. The crew was on a routine patrol flight, monitoring fishing vessels and looking out for suspected oil spills when the twin turboprop went down.

Comair sues over CRJ crashComair last week served Kentucky’s Lexington Airport Board, various officials and the US government with a lawsuit, which claims the parties contributed to the fatal 27 August crash of a Bombardier CRJ100 that killed all but one of the 50 people on board and should therefore share liability.In a suit filed in a Kentucky court, Comair, a Delta Air Lines subsidiary, requests a declaratory judgement stipulating that, if it settles monetary claims now to compensate the families of the victims, the carrier or its insurer can seek contribution from the airport and the US government.Comair has also filed an administrative claim against the government, which – based on the actions of the US Federal Aviation Administration – is responsible for the decision “which led to a sole air traffic controller being on duty in the air traffic control tower cab” at the time of the incident, as well as the inspection and approval of the taxiway and runway configuration, design and markings,

Push begins for just cultureOrganisations unite to stop growing practice of prosecution before investigation

Norwegian investigators have discovered that spoilers did not deploy on the British Aerospace 146-200 which overran the runway while attempting to land at Stord Airport on 10 October. Four of the Atlantic Airways jet?s 16 occupants were killed when it careered off the slightly-damp runway and down steep terrain, before coming to rest and catching fire. Wreckage analysis has also revealed evidence that the aircraft suffered ?rubber reversal? as it tried to stop ? a phenomenon where heatSpoilers not deployed in Atlantic Airways BAe 146 crash at Stord, Norway

Investigation dispels myths around Helios Airways crashArguments and controversy surround crash report as airline and aviation authorities feel the sting of criticism

Recovery personnel have discovered a fourth victim in the wreckage of the Atlantic Airways British Aerospace 146-200 which crashed after landing at Stord in western Norway yesterday. Norwegian police had originally counted 13 survivors from the 12 passengers and four crew members on board flight RC670 from Stavanger. But the carrier says that the figures were incorrect and that a fourth victim has since been found, bringing the toll to three passengers and a crew member. Almost all the passengers were Norwegian. Three crewmembers were Faroese and one was Mainland Danish. The aircraft (OY-CRG) overran the runway at Stord after landing at 07:35, coming to rest part of the way down the precipitous coastal terrain at the runway?s end before the aircraft was consumed by fire. Magni Arge, president of Atlantic Airways says a delegation comprising Atlantic Airways staff and Danish and Norwegian civil aviation accident investigation boards are now on their waAtlantic Airways Norway BAe 146 crash death toll rises to four after police admits wrong figures

Investigators have concluded that an incorrectly-set cabin pressurisation switch, and the failure to recognise warnings of oxygen depletion, led to the fatal loss of a Helios Airways Boeing 737-300 aircraft in Greece last year. The??final report into the accident, released today, shows that the crew did not realise that the pressurisation selector was in the ?manual? position while carrying out pre-flight procedures or while reading checklists ? it says the switch could have been left in the ?manual? position, rather than returned to the ?automatic? position, during non-scheduled maintenance. Helios flight ZU522 departed the Cypriot city of Larnaca for Prague on 14 August last year with 115 passengers and six crew members. But the aircraft failed to pressurise as it climbed to cruise altitude, incapacitating the crew and leading to the 737?s crFailure to recognise non-pressurisation led to August 2005 Helios 737 crash

Video: Passengers missing as Atlantic Airways BAe 146 burns after landing at Norwegian airportRescuers have yet to locate three occupants of an Atlantic Airways British Aerospace 146 aircraft which apparently veered off the runway and caught fire at the Norwegian airport of Stord today. There were 12 passengers and four crew on board the jet which was arriving from Stavanger when the accident occurred at around 07:35. An intense fire developed during the incident but 13 occupants have survived, says Stord airport. ?Three have yet to be found,? she says, adding that emergency crews have extinguished the blaze. While she says that the accident happened on landing, there are no further details on the circumstances of the crash. Stord Airport is located on the western coast of Norway and has a single runway, designated 15/33, which is 1,460m (4,790ft) in length. Atlantic Airways is based in the Faroe Islands, an autonomous region of Denmark located between the UK and Iceland. The carrier operates a small fleet of BAe 146s and BAE Systems Avro R

Data from investigators suggests Embraer corporate jet was at the wrong flight level and was out of radio contactWas Legacy at fault in Gol Boeing 737-800 crash? Data from investigators suggests Embraer jet at wrong level

Manufacturer to introduce update for GE90-115B-powered 777 fleet next month to counter thrust roll-back problemGE readies FADEC software patch

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Daily Mail – ‘Hijacked’ Turkish plane diverted Gas prices plummet to zero as new pipeline floods market Inquest into ITN reporter’s death in Iraq begins Bath-snatch girl, 6, ‘was assaulted twice’ ‘We’ve been hit’ – survivor recounts Brazil mid air collision …Jamie’s healthy eating crusade condemned by Tory front bencher

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Brazilian plane disappears after mid-air collisionRadio New Zealand, New Zealand – Sep 29, 2006… anxiously to await news. Gol is a low-cost carrier that has expanded rapidly in recent years to become Brazil’s number two airline. Brazilian plane disappears after mid-air collision – Radio New Zealand

US pilots in Brazilian mid-air collision have passports seized – Times OnlineUS pilots in Brazilian mid-air collision have passports seizedTimes Online, UK – Oct 4, 2006… Mid-air collisions are extremely rare, and authorities are investigating why anti-collision devices, which were … the crash, which marks Brazil’s worst ever …

Brazilian plane with 150 aboard missing after mid-air collision – Earthtimes.orgBrazilian plane with 150 aboard missing after mid-air – Sep 29, 2006… over the Amazon jungle Friday after a mid-air collision with a … place said they saw an explosion in the air. … SA is a budget carrier and Brazil’s largest airline …