Safety a key component of Great Ga. Airshow
There is a heightened sense of safety precautions at aviation events this year following the tragic crash of a plane last month at an air race in Reno, Nevada that killed 10 spectators and injured several dozen more. The Nevada incident, however,
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Accidents: October 2011
The pilot and copilot were killed in the accident. Hawker Beechcraft King Air 300, Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 10, 2010–The Safety Board ruled that the pilot's failure to follow the aircraft checklist and secure the cabin door before departure resulted in
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Police Chief, School Department Air Differences over Police Response to Bus
21 (the report was re-aired the following morning) discussing their views that the Stoughton Public School buses were overcrowded and it posed a safety risk to the student passengers. Students were said to be sitting in the aisles because there were