Looking Back at the Top County News Stories in 2010
The year ending on December 31 had some good news, but it seemed that the number of bad news stories outweighed the good. The county suffered several violent deaths, but on the other hand, there was good economic news in an area hit hard by recession.

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2010 Top Stories: Taylor Police Department mourns death of second officer in 47 days
TAYLOR — When police Auxiliary Lt. Dan Kromer was killed in the line of duty Sept. 7, Downriver and especially Taylor police officers went into shock for the second time in 47 days. On July 23, Taylor police Cpl. Matthew Edwards was shot and killed while responding to a reported burglary.

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Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Mike Flugennock
Mike Flugennock is a born-and-raised D.C. cartoonist who works in a field that was just labeled extinct by Civil War cartoon historians at the Newseum on Thursday. Flugennock does political poster cartoons.

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