IBM Sees 3-D Calls in 2015
Within 5 years, your mobile phone will project a holographic image of anyone who calls and your laptop will be powered by kinetic energy. So says IBM

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Toyota settles suit over California crash for US$10m
LOS ANGELES (Dec 23, 2010): Toyota has agreed to pay US$10 million (RM31.5 million) to settle legal claims from the family of a California state trooper and three relatives whose fatal car wreck helped spark the automaker's wide-ranging safety recall, lawyers said on Thursday.

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SUVs of 2011
Buyers are flocking to SUVs in record numbers. More and more people are spending their Saturday mornings reading through the Drive section in search of their ideal family faux-wheel-drive. And, with at least twenty manufacturers set to offer SUVs in the Australian market in 2011, the Saturday morning ritual is bound to be more fruitful than ever before.

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