Marketing Maven at SES: Forget Viral, Forget ROI, Forget Fear
Community building is the key to successful social media marketing, Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, the former chief marketing officer at Eastman Kodak, told an audience at the SES Conference and Expo in San Francisco on Tuesday. "You want to build hearts and minds, not eyeballs and ears," he said in the opening keynote speech at the event, which runs through Thursday. "Social media is not a destination ...

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New Wrens Track: "Crescent"
You know who doesn't release new songs very often? The Wrens . The long-running Jersey indie band is still at work on the long -awaited follow-up to 2003's The Meadowlands . But up above, you can stream a new Wrens track called "Crescent". It's a demo/early version of a song that is slated to appear on their next album. But first it will be released on the benefit album Dear New Orleans .

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White powder envelope surfaces at Raytheon company
One of the 25 white powder envelopes that have been sent to several aeronautical and technology firms, churches and mosques across the Dallas-Fort Worth area has also surfaced in McKinney.

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