Pilot:Waving hand 1st clue of AK crash survivors
A pilot who spotted the wreckage of the amphibious plane carrying former Sen. Ted Stevens looked down on the gashed mountainside and thought that no one could've survived such a crash.

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Police snare runaway driver after Watershed Road crash
Early Monday morning Sheriff Deputy Jason White attempted to make a traffic stop on east on Highway 62 just when the driver failed to stop. According to a report from the Grayson County Sheriff D...

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Governments Battle to Stay Ahead of Threats on Internet, 'The Great Leveler'
Listen to the Audio In the first in a series of reports about cybersecurity, correspondent Spencer Michels reports from Las Vegas on governmental and citizen-led efforts to stop online crime that could threaten critical infrastructure. GWEN IFILL: Now: another concern for the Pentagon. NewsHour correspondent Spencer Michels reports on cyber-warfare. SPENCER MICHELS: In a dark hotel ballroom off ...

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