NextGen air traffic system comes to Jacksonville area
From the way airplanes come in to land to the time they spend circling airports or sitting on the ground waiting for slots on the runway, millions of dollars and hours are frittered away as pilots work with an air traffic control system set up more than half a century ago. For some fliers in the Jacksonville area and around about half a dozen other U.S. airports, the system is in the process of ...

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Doomed pilot knew plane was going down
Police and firefighters say there was nothing they could have done to save two people on board a light plane which crashed and exploded outside a primary school in Sydney's south-west this morning.

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Foley, Baron & Metzger, PLLC Sets New Precedent in Sixth Circuit: Governmental Contractor Defense Not Limited to ...
Foley, Baron & Metzger, PLLC , a leading Detroit area law firm, recently set a new precedent regarding federal jurisdiction based on the governmental contractor defense. The ruling established that the governmental contractor defense is not limited to military contractors.

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