BIA: Flight schedules go haywire Bangalore, DHNS: A malfunction in the primary Radar in the ATC at Bengaluru International Airport resulted in as many as 21 inbound flight schedules going haywire early Friday morning.BIA: Flight schedules go haywire

The law suit, Case No. BC 12253, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleges that ITT rampantly sexually harassed, discriminated and retaliated against Ms.Female Air Traffic Controller Claims Subjection to Severe Hostile…

A SEX change Air Traffic controller has been reprimanded by bosses because her miniskirts were distracting fellow workers.Exclusive: Sex swap Air Traffic controller warned over miniskirts

BENGALURU Article Rank Businessmenand travellers heading into Bengaluru on Friday morning found that their entire day was disrupted as Bengaluru International Airport diverted four flights to Chennai following a maintenance work at the Air Traffic Control.contingency plan SOS! Reopen HAL

How do you argue with a death-wish? The answer is, you don’t. A death wish is irreversible for those infected, and must be played out before sanity returns.Union position is difficult to comprehend

A small plane was forced to make a landing in a Niagara County field Wednesday morning.Small Plane Makes Precautionary Landing

A MAYNOOTH based company, Transtest Equipment Ltd, has secured a a 300,000 five-year calibration contract with the Irish Aviation Authority.Maynooth-based Transtest scoops aviation contract

Via Wired , I’m glad to see the FAA putting out a fairly accessible video explaining the benefits of NextGen.FAA Promotes Future Air Traffic Control System on YouTube

A narrow escape for Emirates flight Thunderstorm gives some anxious moments BANGALORE MIRROR BUREAU The thunderstorms that lashed the city on Wednesday not only caught Bangaloreans by surprise, but also caused major problems to an Emirates flight coming in from Dubai.A narrow escape for Emirates flight

Released: Jan 29, 2008 Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock Label: Atlantic Records Number Of Tracks: 11 Louis XIV came out with another unique and, in some views, disturbing album.Louis XIV: Slick Dogs And Ponies [Reviews]