PrismTech, an acknowledged leader in advanced software integration and infrastructure solutions, today announced the availability of OpenSplice DDS Open Source on now hosts the forge supporting the OpenSplice DDS development Community, providing access to the source code repository, pre-built binary distributions for …OpenSplice DDS Open Source Goes Live on

Media Watch has often got stuck into the Northern Territory News for its obsession with croc stories.Shark Danger Non Alert

The instructions were based on analysis of accidents involving general aviation planes and choppers which were certified for single pilot operations.DGCA asks pilots to follow rules strictly

A military turf war over 14 civilian jobs appears to have kept an $8.6 million radar system off line for more than four years in Johnstown.Off the radar: System idle since completion in 2004

The Brazilian air force has contracted Lockheed Martin to support airspace-monitoring efforts in the Amazon region of the country.Brazil contracts LM for radar upkeep

CWNP , the de facto standard in Wi-Fi training and certification , is launching a six-city tour providing free seminars regarding the fundamentals of 802.11n, the most recent set of standards covering wireless local area network computer communication.Catch the Wi-Fi Express: CWNP Takes 802.11n Training to the Streets

Collective agreement ratified by Air Traffic Controllers Canada NewsWire NAV CANADA today announced the successful conclusion of collective bargaining with the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association Local 5454 which represents approximately 2300 Air Traffic Controllers.Top News: Collective agreement ratified by Air Traffic Controllers

Thu, 16 Apr ’09 Lockheed Martin has received a $1.6 million contract from the Brazilian Air Force to support six of its TPS-77 — known in Brazil as the TPS-B34 — long range air surveillance radars currently monitoring airspace in the Amazon region.Brazil Awards Lockheed Martin Contract To Support Amazon Radars

Do you know why your flight was stuck on the runway the last time you flew out? It could have been because of your expat pilota s inability to understand instructions in English from Air Traffic Control officers.Chats solve language-related delays at city airport

One person has been taken to the Mid West Regional Hospital in Limerick following a mid-air emergency resulting in an Italian jet diverting to Shannon Airport.Man taken to Limerick hospital as plane …

Since their installation between 2000 and 2005, the Lockheed Martin-manufactured radars have been an integral part of the Brazilian Integrated Air Traffic Control and Air Defense System , also supplying information to the Amazon Protection System , a complex network of ground-based and airborne sensors providing surveillance in the region, …Brazil Awards Lockheed Martin Contract to Support Long-Range Surveillance Radars in the Amazon