Edmonton police are looking for a man they say exposed himself to two teenage girls on the city’s south side Friday.Man wanted for alleged indecent exposure (CBC Edmonton)

Within five years, pilots across the nation will be able to rely on satellite-based GPS rather than ground-based radar to determine where they are in relation to other aircraft.State Is Test Ground For GPS Flight System (The Tampa Tribune)

A proposal to amend Alberta’s human rights legislation to include sexual orientation is being met with approval.Proposal to enshrine human rights for gays welcomed (CBC)

Airports across B.C. are planning for the arrival of hundreds of extra aircraft during the 2010 Winter Olympics but one Fraser Valley facility is concerned it might not have enough resources to handle the additional traffic.B.C. airports bracing for Olympic Air Traffic (CBC)

At $194,000, it costs as much as some Ferrari and Lamborghini sports cars, but when the makers of the Terrafugia Transition claim their car will fly, they mean it. And thanks to Lonnie Prince and his small firm in Whitehouse, the future for the first saleable flying car in nearly six decades may be as limitless as the horizon. Mr. Prince is the owner and chief designer of the Prince Aircraft …Whitehouse firm is maker of propellers of $194,000 flying car (The Toledo Blade)

For 14 years, the Federal Aviation Administration was a good case study in how to end up on the Government Accountability Office’s high-risk list of federal programs.FAA’s guide delisting

The sky is a really big place, right? So how did a Boeing 737 and a Legacy 600 private jet manage to collide head-on at 37,000 feet over the Amazon jungle in Brazil? William Langewiesche’s detailed analysis of the 2006 crash –which killed all 154 aboard the 737–provides some answers.Midair collision at 37,000 feet

Operating helicopters in the harsh environment of the Newfoundland offshore oil fields is not without incident.Other problems reported with Sikorsky S-92 fleet

The nation’s crowded skiesa ‘with about 50,000 flights a daya ‘will become even more jam-packed with as many as 150,000 flights every 24 hours by 2025, making it critical for a whole newA Air Traffic control system to be put into place.Pilots, Controllers Must Be Part of New Air Safety System Development

When the only way people could watch Congress was via C-SPAN, Congressmen confronting those testifying before their committees rationally, if often boringly, made speeches.Michele Bachmann Gets It; Ron Paul Doesn’t

NOISE pollution campaigners have asked the government to step in and take direct control of Air Traffic at Wycombe Air Park.Campaigners ask government to take control of Air Traffic at Wycombe Air Park