One job that’s in big demand right now is Air Traffic controllers. It’s a stressful job where one mistake could mean disaster, but an addition to Hartsfield Jackson is helping train all those new hires.Air Traffic Controller Training

Older Air Traffic controllers can head off mid-air collisions at least as well as younger controllers, using experience to compensate for age-related declines in mental sharpness, a new study finds.Experienced Air Traffic Controllers Make Up For Normal Mental Aging

Speech technologies provider Loquendo has announced their text to speech offering was selected by ESRI , a provider of Geographic Information System technologies, to speech enable a new in-vehicle navigation solution.Loquendo Text-to-Speech Chosen for In-Vehicle Navigation Solution

With the ongoing recession, even business travellers are feeling the pinch and downgrading their airline seats to economy class.Business travellers downgrading from business to economy class, finds industry study

PASSENGERS on a flight that smashed its tail leaving Melbourne last night were not told of the emergency for 40 minutes.Passengers not told of plane…

Older Air Traffic controllers can head off mid-air collisions at least as well as younger controllers, using experience to compensate for age-related declines in mental sharpness, according to a report published this month by the American Psychological Association.Study Shows Older Controllers Can do the Job – but do they Want to?

Northrop Grumman Corporation announced that its Europe-based Air Traffic control systems subsidiary, Park Air Systems, has been awarded a contract by the Brazilian Airspace Control System Implementation …Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems Wins Turnkey Contract to Supply…

Air Traffic CONTROL MODERNIZATION; COMMITTEE: HOUSE TRANSPORTATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE; SUBCOMMITTEE: AVIATION CQ Congressional Testimony TESTIMONY-BY: RORY KAY, EXECUTIVE AIR SAFETY CHAIRMAN AFFILIATION: AIR LINE PILOTS ASSOCIATION, INTERNATIONAL Committee on House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation March 18, 2009 Good …Air Traffic Control Modernization; Committee: House Transportation…

State Representative Bob Smith of Watkinsville has recently floated an idea to take over the operations of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport from that of the current amalgamation of Clayton County and the City of Atlanta, of which it currently stands.Why I think Bob Smith’s idea to take over Hartsfield is wrong

An Anchorage-based Air Traffic controller who helped an aircraft in distress last year was awarded the highest form of recognition from his peers.Anchorage Air Traffic controller receives national award

A FORMER pupil of Ridgeway High School in Noctorum has completed his basic training with the Royal Air Force.High flyer Paul graduates

An internal FAA memo obtained by the local CBS affiliate paints an “alarming” picture of Air Traffic control in the skies over Denver, CO.FAA Memo Raises Questions About Denver ATC Safety

It’s not my analogy , but the more we dig into the bank bailout the more I’m agreeing this might be Obama’s opportunity to do what Reagan did with the Air Traffic controllers – show a firm hand and set a course for his administration.Obama’s Air Traffic Controllers

The following information was released by the Federal Aviation Administration: Statement of Victoria Cox, Vice President for Operations Planning Services Before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Subcommittee on Aviation on Air Traffic Control Modernization and Nextgen: Near Term Achievable Goals Thank you for inviting me …the Faa: Testimony March 18 2009

The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Eurocontrol has selected air transport services specialist Sita to provide aircraft data link communications services for its Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre.‘Eurocontrol selects Sita for aircraft data links comms’

Short lease of life: The movement of six private jets and helicopters are now registered daily at the old airport.Begumpet airport hums with activity

Aero-News: Quote of the Day Aero-News: Quote of the Day ANN’s Quote of the Day usually derives from current news, though we reserve the right to pick quotes out of history that have a bearing on the day’s events and issues.Aero-News: Quote of the Day

The Federal Aviation Administration is looking at opportunities to begin phasing in new technology over the next decade that could help relieve the growing congestion in the nationa s air transportation system.FAA shifts focus for Next Generation Air Traffic control to near-term possibilities

Pork on the menu: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi helped secure more than $34 million in federal funding earmarks for San Francisco.Pelosi trucks in millions for city